Sunday, June 30, 2013

Keepers of the Garden By Dolores Cannon

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Dolores Cannon uses information obtained from regressive hypnosis to formulate a provocative viewpoint on the ancient astronaut theory of human origins. Her findings indicate that the earth was seeded eons ago by travelers from outer space. These visits by ancient extraterrestrials did not end with their intervention in human evolution. They have continued up to the present day resulting in a whole class of contemporary humans who have been subject to alien abduction.

Unleash Your Telekinetic Ability By Kaltem Gibson

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The author did not learn telekinesis from the reading of a document, nor was the author taught telekinesis. Literally how the author learned telekinesis is not important to discuss.

The reason is that you may not be able to learn telekinesis from the same source of practice. Nevertheless, the author learned telekinesis instantly and accidentally. The author continued to carefully analyze all combinations of his accidentally obtained telekinesis knowledge towards the outcome of object motion. He then searched the Internet at message forums and read small telekinesis documents. Yet, all telekinesis information that he read was not in reference to the information he obtained from this telekinesis practice.

Instead, the author found large amount of telekinesis discrepancies. The author is an analytical thinker. Therefore, he needed to literally understand everything about how the mental plane and physical plane work together and in reference to telekinesis. Only then, could he understand how telekinesis could be possible at his level of comprehension. He studied the concept of force, magnetic energy and the composition of an atom and found numerous amounts of discrepancies in each of them.

Kundalini : The Energy of the Depths By Lilian Silburn

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Kundalini, the upright axis at the innermost center of a per- son and of the universe, is the very source of man's might, draw- ing and unfolding all his energies. However, rather than dwelling on the extraordinary powers acquired through her medium, the followers of the Trika, Krama, and Kaula systems lay stress on the peace and the living harmony she bestows.

Still, this mysterious energy aroused by Kundalini yoga man- ifests with a violence beyond belief and cannot be manipulated without incurring certain risks.1 Therefore, to probe into her se- crets, one must seek the help of a master belonging to a special lineage and endowed with unfailing knowledge.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Chinese Sexual Astrology : Eastern Secrets to Mind-Blowing Sex By Shelly Wu

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Whether it's a passionate quickie or an orgasmic marathon, few things can equal the intense pleasure of love and sex. Now, with Chinese Sexual Astrology, you and your partner can learn how to fuse your spiritual, mental and physical energies to achieve complete satisfaction.

Similar to the ancient Chinese "pillow books," which were popular wedding gifts for couples, this book contains everything from astrological compatibility charts to ancient advice for igniting passion. Each of the twelve Chinese astrological signs has its own unique blend of touch, pleasurable sensations and turn-ons.

In Part 1 ("Spirit Connections") of Chinese Sexual Astrology, you'll discover the unseen chemistry of long-lasting relationships. Are you a receptive and feeling oriented "Yin" lover? Or a fiery "Yang" lover who takes the lead in life and in the bedroom?

Part 2 ("Mind Connections") explores everything from bubble baths to hot oil massage, covering the importance of fantasy and the qualities of a "superior lover."

Part 3 ("Body Connections") delves into the secret sexual world of the twelve Chinese astrological signs. Are you a Randy Rat or a Titillating Tiger? A Sexy Snake or a perfectly Perverted Pig? You'll also learn the Chinese art of penile thrusting, the "Lute String", and the "Black Pearl", discover the link between ejaculation control and longevity; and be introduced to the ten indications of female satisfaction.

Chinese Sexual Astrology contains tried-and-true advice that combines spiritual compatibility with physical pleasures. It will welcome you to a new world of thinking and possibilities--love and sex written in the stars.

Buddhism Plain and Simple By Steve Hagen

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"Buddhism Plain and Simple" offers a clear, straightforward treatise on Buddhism in general and on awareness in particular. Steve Hagan presents the Buddha's uncluttered, original teachings in everyday, accessible language unencumbered by religious ritual.

Be as You Are : The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi By Sri Ramana Maharshi (Author) , David Godman (Editor)

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Ramana Maharshi was one of the most significant spiritual teachers to emerge from India during the first half of the century, and remains widely admired.

This recent collection of conversations between him and the many seekers who came to his ashram for guidance contains the essence of his teaching. His concern throughout his long life of imparting his experience to others was to convince his listeners that self-realisation - or enlightenment - is not an alien or mysterious state, but the natural condition of man.

This state can be easily discovered by undertaking the self-investigation clearly described in these talks. The lucid instructions to each section provide further illumination of this greater seer's message.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Invitation To The Self : Journey With The Star People By Bonnie Jean Hamilton

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In Invitation to the Self : journey with the star people, Bonnie Jean Hamilton explains how to face your fears and take control of alien visitations. If you are an abductee who feels like a helpless victim, get ready for a change.

You will journey through the typical abduction experience, the secret government and psychic attackers, the transitional phase of moving from one reality to another, energy manipulation, and finally, releasing fear and taking control of life. No matter what your interests may be (abductee, contactee, or simply bewildered by the whole thing), you will be motivated to make positive changes in your own life.

You don't have to sit back and let life happen TO you - You can make it happen FOR you. The alien abduction phenomenon remains a mystery that requires further exploration. My goal is to help the people that live with this bizarre experience and look deeper until we find the truth.

How To Win Friends and Influence People By Dale Carnegie

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• One of the best known motivational books in history: Since it was released in 1936, How to Win Friends and Influence People has sold more than 15 million copies. Carnegie’s first book is timeless and appeals equally to business audiences, self-help audiences, and general readers alike..

• Proven advice for success in life: Carnegie believed that most successes come from an ability to communicate effectively rather than from brilliant insights. His book teaches these skills by showing readers how to value others and make them feel appreciated rather than manipulated. .

• As relevant as ever before: In the age of Steven Covey and Tony Robbins, Dale Carnegie’s principles endure. The original edition was published in response to the Great Depression, and this fresh hardcover edition will appeal now more than ever to readers wanting tried and true advice on how to deal with a depressed economy. Readers can learn how to get the job they want, improve the job they have, and make the best of any situation. .

How To Tap The Incredible Secret Powers Of Your Own Mind By A.C. Mail Order

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I am very pleased to welcome you to “How To Tap The Incredible Secret Power Of Your Own Mind”. I know you are going to find enrolling on this course one of the most important steps you have ever taken.

The above statement may seem a hard one to live up to, nevertheless it is one I fully intend to try. It is my intention to show you how you can take control of your own mind and therefore your own life from this point onwards.

By learning the art of Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis you will be able to mould your life the way you want it. Many who have gone before you were staggered by how their lives could have been so utterly changed for the better simply spending just twenty very relaxing and pleasant minutes twice a day. The idea that something so simple can be so rewarding is hard to understand until you have experienced it.

How to Make and Use Talismans By Israel Regardie

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As a novice I found this book to be a very down to earth guide on how to design talismans for what ever goal you have in mind.

For those of you who don't know Regardie was influenced by and worked for Aliester Crowley and was a member of the Stella Matutina, a successor organization of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. He later released their complete works, so the book is filled with those influences. Most of Regardie's books in my opinion are very intellectual and can take some time to read.

This book on the other hand was a refreshing gem in comparison with very clear and concise instructions. Like the other reviewer said you will need some companion knowledge to use this book, but most of it can be found on the internet or other books. Improvisation is the mother of invention.

How to Develop a Perfect Memory By Dominic O'Brien

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This manual explains Dominic O'Brien's system intended to help the reader remember names, faces, telephone numbers, pass exams, learn languages, win at Trivial Pursuit and clean up at the blackjack table. O'Brien is able to memorize the sequence of 36 shuffled packs of cards using his method.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

How to Create a Mind : The Secret of Human Thought Revealed By Ray Kurzweil

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The bold futurist and bestselling author explores the limitless potential of reverse-engineering the human brain Ray Kurzweil is arguably today’s most influential—and often controversial—futurist.

In How to Create a Mind, Kurzweil presents a provocative exploration of the most important project in human-machine civilization—reverse engineering the brain to understand precisely how it works and using that knowledge to create even more intelligent machines.

Kurzweil discusses how the brain functions, how the mind emerges from the brain, and the implications of vastly increasing the powers of our intelligence in addressing the world’s problems.

He thoughtfully examines emotional and moral intelligence and the origins of consciousness and envisions the radical possibilities of our merging with the intelligent technology we are creating.

Certain to be one of the most widely discussed and debated science books of the year, How to Create a Mind is sure to take its place alongside Kurzweil’s previous classics which include Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever and The Age of Spiritual Machines.

The Age of Spiritual Machines : When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence

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Ray Kurzweil is the inventor of the most innovative and compelling technology of our era, an international authority on artificial intelligence, and one of our greatest living visionaries.

Now he offers a framework for envisioning the twenty-first century--an age in which the marriage of human sensitivity and artificial intelligence fundamentally alters and improves the way we live.

Kurzweil's prophetic blueprint for the future takes us through the advances that inexorably result in computers exceeding the memory capacity and computational ability of the human brain by the year 2020 (with human-level capabilities not far behind); in relationships with automated personalities who will be our teachers, companions, and lovers; and in information fed straight into our brains along direct neural pathways.

Optimistic and challenging, thought-provoking and engaging, The Age of Spiritual Machines is the ultimate guide on our road into the next century.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ascension Through Orbs By Diana Cooper & Kathy Crosswell

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Featuring a wealth of additional material, this book explains the meaning and the importance of orbs—the physical presence of angels found in digital photographs—in a wider and more advanced context.

With nearly 50 photographic examples accompanied by meditations to allow the energy of the orbs to be more fully absorbed, this advanced tool for ascension explores spirit guides and the angelic hierarchy in greater depth, including the powers, the chakras, the archangels, the Lords of Karma, and the Ascension Masters.


note :
orbs... heh... i don't believe it, but in
17 september 2012,
i see it with my own two eye, then i believe it is exist,
this is the picture taken by me (jebalkober),

Angel Tech : A Modern Shaman's Guide to Reality Selection By Antero Alli (Author), Robert Anton Wilson (Author)

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Angel Tech is a comprehensive compendium of insights and techniques for the direct application of Dr. Timothy Leary's Eight-Circuit Brain model for Intelligence Increase.

What Dr. Leary posited as theory (Exo-Psychology) and Dr. Robert Anton Wilson brilliantly demonstrated in sociopolitical, mathematical and intellectual proofs (Prometheus Rising), Antero Alli has extended into tangible tasks, exercises, rituals and meditations towards an embodied realization of brain change through first hand experience.

Angel Tech challenges the reader to redefine "Intelligence"; according to hir own direct experiences and finally, dares us to live accordingly. In print for over twenty years, this Third Revised Edition of this classic "performance" book has been updated and revised based on the author's most recent research results.

Life of Miracles : Mystical Keys to Ascension By Almine

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Almine's developing spiritual awareness and abilities from her childhood in South Africa until she emerged as a powerful mystic, to devote her gifts in support of all humanity is traced. Deeply inspiring and unique in its comparison of man's relationship as the microcosm of the macrocosm. A detailed guide to living a joyous and balanced life and provides a carefully charted guide to achieving the magnificent destiny that awaits at the apex of human experience: Ascension. Includes a bonus Belvaspata section.

Friday, June 7, 2013

A Personal Guide to Inner Peace (2009) By Sage Stanzler and Eileen Trumble

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Poetry and essays describing Inner Peace, Meditation, Love, fulfillment, balance and other concepts.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Our Ultimate Reality, Life, the Universe and Destiny of Mankind By Adrian P. Cooper

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From the earliest days of thinking man, people the world over have pondered the nature of the Universe, our planet, and of ourselves. 

What does it all mean? 
Why am I here? 
What is the real purpose of my life? 
What will happen to me after I die? 
Will I return once again for another life on Earth? 

So starts the first paragraph of this book, summarising and encapsulating very succinctly both the reason I was inspired to write Our Ultimate Reality and a concise summary of the contents contained therein. 

As we approach the end of a great age for humanity, increasingly more people from all walks of what we know as "life" are asking what it all means for them, for their families and for their future existence on this planet we call "Earth". 

Our Ultimate Reality, Life, the Universe and Destiny of Mankind is your complete reference and guide for realising the Divine heritage of each and every one of us as equal aspects of our Creator, a life of perfect happiness, health, abundance, fulfilment and Spiritual evolution. 

This book has been written in a modern, understandable, non-mystical way, setting out in a concise, logical, easy to follow format, all you need to know in order to understand, pursue and realise your own true potential during this pivotally important era. 

I wish you every possible success as you follow your own true destiny on the path of return to our Divine Creator from Whom we came in the beginning, and wish that this book will prove to be your valuable guide and companion.

A Practical Guide to Witchcraft and Magick Spells By Cassandra Eason

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The practice of witchcraft (or Wicca) is currently the fastest-growing spiritual practice in the Western world. 

Everyone has the power to make spells, and this book takes the reader step by step through a menu that includes everything from self-help for happy families to green magic for saving the planet. 

Cassandra Eason knows her subject well and presents it in a way that is both entertaining, down-to-earth and informative. This is the essential reference guide to the principles and practices of magick and witchcraft.

A Manual of Occultism : Secrets of the Occult By Sepharial

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This is a classic work that covers all aspects of occult theory and practice. It is aimed at beginner and intermediate levels but could be enjoyed by the more advanced practitioner.

100 Strangest Mysteries By Matt Lamy

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No one can know everything, but that's no reason not to try, not to mention that the pursuit of ultimate knowledge sure can be fun. Matt Lamy covers a vast array of topics in the arena of the unknown in his book, 100 Strangest Mysteries. 

It reads like a general survey college course for everything you want to know about interesting and unexplainable history. An equally good title for the book would be Strangest Mysteries 101. 

In like manner to a college 101 course, Lamy's book provides enough information on each of the one hundred topics he addresses to satisfy some degree of curiosity. Readers won't finish the book and be ready to sit for comprehensive exams, but they will certainly be prepared to hold a cocktail conversation on folklore like Big Foot and lost relics such as the Ark of the Covenant. 

The real beauty of the Matt Lamy's work comes as it wets the reader's appetite for more. The concise sections lay solid groundwork for further independent study for those who want desperately to know everything about everything or at least take pleasure in having strong knowledge in quirky facts. Lamy writes about Ley Lines in the book. 

He notes how some scientists and others believe the lines provide mysterious connections across the globe. In like manner, people, places and poltergeists come together under one cover in 100 Strangest Mysteries to help the "lay" reader to connect geography and other phenomena that link strange and mysterious oddities of time and space. 

The book makes you think and wonder. It's a fun read.
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