Wednesday, January 29, 2014

THE PHASE A Practical Guidebook By Michael Raduga

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This guidebook is the result of ten years of extremely active personal practice and study of the the phase (lucid dreaming + out-of-body experience (OBE, OOBE) + astral projection), coupled with having successfully taught it to thousands of people. I know all of the obstacles and problems that are usually run into when getting to know this phenomenon, and have tried to protect future practitioners from them in this book. 

This guidebook was not created for those who prefer light, empty reading. It is for those who would like to learn something. It contains no speculations or stories, only dry, hard facts and techniques in combination with a completely pragmatic approach and clear procedures for action. They have all been successfully verified by a vast number of practitioners that often had no prior experience. In order to achieve the same result, it is only necessary to read through each section thoroughly and complete the assignments. 

The book is beneficial not only for beginners, but also for those who already know what it feels like to have an out-of-body encounter and have a certain amount of experience, as this guidebook is devoted not only to entering the state, but also equally dedicated to controlling it. 

Contrary to popular opinion, there is nothing difficult about this phenomenon if one tries to attain it with regular and right effort. On average, results are reached in less than a week if attempts are made every day. More often than not, the techniques work in literally a couple of attempts.

Teaching Out-of-Body Travel And Lucid Dreaming By Michael Raduga

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Teaching out-of-body travel and lucid dreaming means success, an easy and interesting way to make good money, and travel all around the world to lead seminars and network. This is the hottest and most promising field of personal development. Let’s change the world together – join us! Perhaps it’s your destiny? 

After many years of experimental work on thousands of pupils, we are going public with our super-effective teaching methodologies. This altruistic deed was performed in order to create motivation for third parties to further develop the field. Though teaching out-of-body travel used to be the purview of the elect few, now anybody can do it, and even do a good job at it without any particular experience!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Platform Sutra : The Zen Teaching of Hui-neng By Red Pine

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The Platform Sutra occupies a central place in Zen (Ch’an) Buddhist instruction for students and spiritual seekers worldwide. It is often linked with The Heart Sutra and The Diamond Sutra to form a trio of texts that have been revered and studied for centuries. 

However, unlike the other sutras, which transcribe the teachings of the Buddha himself, The Platform Sutra presents the life and work of Hui-neng, the controversial sixth patriarch of Zen, and his understanding of the fundamentals of a spiritual and practical life. 

Hui-neng’s instruction still matters—the seventh-century school of Direct Awakening that he founded flourishes today, continuing to influence the Rinzai and Soto schools of contemporary Zen. Red Pine offers a sensitive, straightforward, and solid translation of this vital Buddhist text. His remarkable insight and commentary provide a guiding hand for seekers and students alike in their quest for dharma.

The Blue Cliff Record By Yuanwu Keqin, Thomas Cleary (Translator), & J.C. Cleary (Translator)

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The Blue Cliff Record is a collection of Chán Buddhist koans originally compiled in China during the Song dynasty in 1125 and then expanded into its present form by the Chán master Yuanwu Keqin. 

The book includes Yuanwu's annotations and commentary on Xuedou Zhongxian's collection 100 Verses on Old Cases a compilation of 100 koans. 

Xuedou selected 82 of these from the Jingde Chuandeng Lu (Jingde era Record of the Transmission of the Lamp), with the remainder selected from the Yunmen Guanglu (Extensive Record of Yunmen Wenyan (864 – 949). 

Yuanwu's successor, Dahui Zonggao wrote many letters to lay students teaching the practice of concentrating on koans during meditation. But Dahui did not explain and analyze koans. 

Oral tradition holds that Dahui noticed students engaged in too much intellectual discourse on koans, and then burned the wooden blocks used to print the Bìyán Lù. Another key legend regards Dogen Zenji who brought the Soto Zen sect to Japan: After an extended visit to China for the purpose of studying Zen, on the night before his planned return to Japan, Dogen saw the Bìyán Lù for the first time, and stayed up all night making a handwritten copy of the book. 

Given the size of the book, this story is most likely apocryphal. It is considered one of the great treasures of Zen literature and an essential study manual for students of Zen.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Letting Go : The Story of Zen Master Tosui By Menzan (Author) & Peter Haskel (Translator)

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As with so many of the acquaintances who brighten one’s life, I encountered Zen Master Tòsui Unkei (d. 1683) quite by accident— much as did the nameless beggars, day laborers, and assorted townsfolk who chance upon him in the pages of his colorful biography, the Tribute.

In the course of researching the life of the noted priest-poet Taigu Ryòkan (1758–1832),Tòsui’s name surfaced as a largely forgotten earlier Zen figure who embodied many of the traits for which Ryòkan was celebrated—a staunch independence and indifference to hardship, a rejection of the monastic world for a life among the common people of Japan, and a keen understanding of Zen combined with an at-times childlike naïveté.

Bankei Zen : Translations from the Record of Bankei By Yoshito Hakeda (Editor) & Peter Haskel (Translator)

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The eccentric Bankei has long been an underground hero in the world of Zen. At a time when Zen was becoming overly formalized in Japan, he stressed its relevance to everyday life, insisting on the importance of naturalness and spontaneity.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Taking the Path of Zen By Robert Aitken

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There is a fine art to presenting complex ideas with simplicity and insight, in a manner that both guides and inspires. In Taking the Path of Zen Robert Aitken presents the practice, lifestyle, rationale, and ideology of Zen Buddhism with remarkable clarity. 

The foundation of Zen is the practice of zazen, or mediation, and Aitken Roshi insists that everything flows from the center. He discusses correct breathing, posture, routine, teacher-student relations, and koan study, as well as common problems and milestones encountered in the process. 

Throughout the book the author returns to zazen, offering further advice and more advanced techniques. The orientation extends to various religious attitudes and includes detailed discussions of the Three Treasures and the Ten Precepts of Zen Buddhism. 

Taking the Path of Zen will serve as orientation and guide for anyone who is drawn to the ways of Zen, from the simply curious to the serious Zen student.

The Richest Man in Babylon By George S. Clason

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This book deals with the personal successes of each of us. Success means accomplishments as the result of our own efforts and abilities. Proper preparation is the key to our success. 

Our acts can be no wiser than our thoughts. Our thinking can be no wiser than our understanding. This book of cures for lean purses has been termed a guide to financial understanding. That, indeed, is its purpose: to offer those who are ambitious for financial success an insight which will aid them to acquire money, to keep money and to make their surpluses earn more money. 

In the pages which follow, we are taken back to Babylon, the cradle in which was nurtured the basic principles of finance now recognized and used the world over. To new readers the author is happy to extend the wish that its pages may contain for them the same inspiration for growing bank accounts, greater financial successes and the solution of difficult personal financial problems so enthusiastically reported by readers from coast to coast. 

To the business executives who have distributed these tales in such generous quantities to friends, relatives, employees and associates, the author takes this opportunity to express his gratitude. No endorsement could be higher than that of practical men who appreciate its teachings because they, themselves, have worked up to important successes by applying the very principles it advocates. 

Babylon became the wealthiest city of the ancient world because its citizens were the richest people of their time. 6 They appreciated the value of money. They practiced sound financial principles in acquiring money, keeping money and making their money earn more money. They provided for themselves what we all desire . . . incomes for the future.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mind Performance Projects for the Evil Genius : 19 Brain-Bending Bio Hacks By Brad Graham

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Have some evil fun inside your head! This wickedly inventive guide offers 19 build-it-yourself projects featuring high-tech devices that can map, manipulate, and even improve the greatest computer on earth-the human brain. Every project inside Mind Performance Projects for the Evil Genius is perfectly safe and explores cutting-edge concepts, such as brain wave mapping, lucid dream control, and hypnosis. 

Using easy-to-find parts and tools, this do-it-yourself book offers a wide variety of brain-bending bio hacks you can accomplish on your own. You'll find detailed guidelines, parameters, schematics, code, and customization tips for each project in the book. The only limit is your imagination! 

Mind Performance Projects for the Evil Genius: 
  • Features step-by-step instructions, complete with helpful illustrations 
  • Allows you to customize each project for your purposes 
  • Discusses the underlying principles behind the projects 
  • Removes the frustration factor-all required parts are listed, 

along with sources Build these and other lid-flipping gadgets: 
  • Biofeedback device 
  • Reaction speedometer 
  • Body temperature monitor 
  • Heart rate monitor 
  • Lie detector 
  • White noise generator 
  • Waking reality tester 
  • Audio dream director 
  • Lucid dream mask 
  • Alpha meditation goggles 
  • Clairvoyance tester 
  • Visual hypnosis aid 
  • Color therapy device 
  • Synchro brain machine

101 Activities for Teaching Creativity and Problem Solving By Arthur B. VanGundy

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Employees who possess problem-solving skills are highly valued in today competitive business environment. The question is how can employees learn to deal in innovative ways with new data, methods, people, and technologies? 

In this groundbreaking book, Arthur VanGundy -- a pioneer in the field of idea generation and problem solving -- has compiled 101 group activities that combine to make a unique resource for trainers, facilitators, and human resource professionals. 

The book is filled with idea-generation activities that simultaneously teach the underlying problem-solving and creativity techniques involved. Each of the book?s 101 engaging and thought-provoking activities includes facilitator notes and advice on when and how to use the activity. Using 101 Activities for Teaching Creativity and Problem Solving will give you the information and tools you need to: 

  • Generate creative ideas to solve problems. 
  • Avoid patterned and negative thinking. 
  • Engage in activities that are guaranteed to spark ideas. 
  • Use proven techniques for brainstorming with groups.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Reiki For Dummies By Nina L. Paul

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Millions of people seek ways to relax, promote healing, or connect with their soul. Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a simple but profound healing system that was originally developed in Japan. Reiki means "spiritual energy" or "universal life-force energy." The Reiki system is universal because it can be used by people of any background or religion. Reiki For Dummies explains how you can harness this energy for yourself. 

Reiki For Dummies is a plain-English Reiki guidebook. Discover what Reiki is, where it came from, and how to: 

  • Find and get the most from a Reiki treatment 
  • Use Reiki to boost your physical and emotional health 
  • Locate a Reiki class and become a Reiki practitioner 

Reiki For Dummies is amply illustrated and full of useful information on: 

  • Reiki symbols (plus nontraditional symbols) 
  • Reiki hand positions (for giving Reiki to yourself or others) 
  • Reiki for pets and animals 
  • Reiki for children and adults 
  • Reiki and surgery or medicines 
  • Reiki at birth or end-of-life 
  • Reiki in the house, in the car, or at work When you're ready to go further, 

Reiki For Dummies covers: Western and Japanese Reiki techniques; crystals, long distance Reiki, and setting up a successful Reiki practice. Reiki For Dummies is for you whether you are just finding out about Reiki or you are a seasoned professional who is looking for a clearly written, up-to-date, inclusive, and comprehensive source of Reiki information. 

Nina Paul, PhD (New York, NY), is a Reiki Master who uses Reiki to help herself and others. She has a doctorate in immunology and epidemiology and she believes in a holistic approach to health and wellness . Nina is also the author of the compassionate guide: Living with Hepatitis C For Dummies (0-7645-7620-8).

Hypnotherapy For Dummies By Mike Bryant & Peter Mabbutt

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An easy-to-follow, reassuring and responsible guide that shows how you can use hypnotherapy to identify and overcome unhealthy modes of thinking, deal with emotional issues, improve performance, and banish bad habits. Whether you’re seeking to overcome anxiety or depression, improve your performance professionally or personally, lose weight or beat an addiction, hypnotherapy can help you make the changes you want.


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The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered from Alcoholism. 

Alcoholics Anonymous, are more than one hundred men and woman who have recovered from a seemingly hope less state of mind and body. To show other alcoholics PRECISELY HOW WE HAVE RECOVERED is the main purpose of this book. 

For them, we hope thes e pages will prove so convincing that no further authentication will be necessary. We think this account o f our experience s will help everyone to better understand the alcoholic. 

Many do not comprehend that the alco holic is a very sick p erson. And besides, we are sure that our way of living has its advantages for all. It is important that we remain anonymous because we are too few, at prese nt to handle the overwhelming number of personal appeals w hich may re sult from this publication. 

Being mostly business or professional folk, we could not well carry on our occupations in such an event. We would like it understood that our alcoho lic work is an a vocation.

Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy

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This is not a positive-thinking book in any conventional sense, but none of the literature mentioned here would have been possible, or at least would read the same way, without the Christian Science founder's influence. Unlike many of her contemporaries, Eddy became widely read and internationally known. 

Her highly original metaphysics (which critics too simplistically accuse her of lifting from the influential mental healer Phineas Quimby) touched nearly every thinker in the mind-power world for fifty years. Eddy's work foresaw current uses of prayer and meditation for health.

Philosophical Conceptions and Practical Results by William James

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The philosopher James is often credited with legitimizing questions of mental healing and causative qualities of the mind in his classic The Varieties of Religious Experience (1902); but this much shorter work, which he delivered as an address before the Philosophical Union at Berkeley, asserts the need for a practical spirituality and philosophy of living - the effects of which can be measured in human conduct (which James saw as the one true worth of an idea). James's impact was equal to Emerson's in summoning modern thinkers to a pragmatic approach to religion.

The New Psycho-Cybernetics By Maxwell Maltz

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With over 30 million copies sold since its original publication in 1960, Psycho-Cybernetics has been used by athletes, entrepreneurs, college students, and many others, to achieve life-changing goals--from losing weight to dramatically increasing their income--finding that success is not only possible but remarkably simple. 

Now updated to include present-day anecdotes and current personalities, The New Psycho-Cybernetics remains true to Dr. Maltz’s promise:“If you can remember, worry, or tie your shoe, you can succeed with Psycho-Cybernetics!”

Psycho-cybernetics : A New Way to Get More Living Out of Life by Maxwell Maltz

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This is an excellent book for you, to teach yourself the hows, the whys and the belief in self-image. And loving being a goalseeker. Dr. Maltz makes is easy the to understand is OK to be successful

The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale

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"This book is written with the sole objective of helping the reader achieve a happy, satisfying, and worthwhile life." -- Norman Vincent Peale The Power of Positive Thinking has helped millions of men and women to achieve fulfillment in their lives. In this phenomenal bestseller, Dr. Peale demonstrates the power of faith in action. 

With the practical techniques outlined in this book, you can energize your life -- and give yourself the initiative needed to carry out your ambitions and hopes. You'll learn how to: 

• believe in yourself and in everything you do 
• build new power and determination 
• develop the power to reach your goals 
• break the worry habit and achieve a relaxed life 
• improve your personal and professional relationships 
• assume control over your circumstances 
• be kind to yourself

Mind Performance Hacks : Tips & Tools for Overclocking Your Brain By Ron Hale-Evans

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You're smart. This book can make you smarter. 

Mind Performance Hacks provides real-life tips and tools for overclocking your brain and becoming a better thinker. In the increasingly frenetic pace of today's information economy, managing your life requires hacking your brain. 

With this book, you'll cut through the clutter and tune up your brain intentionally, safely, and productively. Grounded in current research and theory, but offering practical solutions you can apply immediately, Mind Performance Hacks is filled with life hacks that teach you to: 

  • Use mnemonic tricks to remember numbers, names, dates, and other flotsam you need to recall 
  • Put down your calculator and perform complex math in your head, with your fingers, or on the back of a napkin 
  • Spark your creativity with innovative brainstorming methods 
  • Use effective systems to capture new ideas before they get away 
  • Communicate in creative new ways-even using artificial languages Make better decisions by foreseeing problems and finding surprising solutions 
  • Improve your mental fitness with cool tricks and games

Mind Hacks : Tips & Tools for Using Your Brain By Tom Stafford & Matt Webb

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The brain is a fearsomely complex information-processing environment-one that often eludes our ability to understand it. At any given time, the brain is collecting, filtering, and analyzing information and, in response, performing countless intricate processes, some of which are automatic, some voluntary, some conscious, and some unconscious. 

Cognitive neuroscience is one of the ways we have to understand the workings of our minds. It's the study of the brain biology behind our mental functions: a collection of methods-like brain scanning and computational modeling-combined with a way of looking at psychological phenomena and discovering where, why, and how the brain makes them happen. 

Want to know more? 

Mind Hacks is a collection of probes into the moment-by-moment works of the brain. Using cognitive neuroscience, these experiments, tricks, and tips related to vision, motor skills, attention, cognition, subliminal perception, and more throw light on how the human brain works. 

Each hack examines specific operations of the brain. By seeing how the brain responds, we pick up clues about the architecture and design of the brain, learning a little bit more about how the brain is put together. 

Mind Hacks begins your exploration of the mind with a look inside the brain itself, using hacks such as 

"Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: Turn On and Off Bits of the Brain" and "Tour the Cortex and the Four Lobes" 

Also among the 100 hacks in this book, you'll find: 
  • Release Eye Fixations for Faster Reactions 
  • See Movement When All is Still 
  • Feel the Presence and Loss of Attention 
  • Detect Sounds on the Margins of Certainty 
  • Mold Your Body Schema 
  • Test Your Handedness 
  • See a Person in Moving Lights 
  • Make Events Understandable as Cause-and-Effect 
  • Boost Memory by Using Context Understand 
  • Detail and the Limits of Attention 

40 Sleep Hacks : The Geek’s Guide to Optimizing Sleep By Jeff (Sleep Warrior)

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40 Sleep Hacks – The Geek’s Guide to Optimizing Sleep, As many “lifestyle hackers” know, the pathway to improving life comes down to habits, knowledge, and self-experimentation. 

In the 40 Sleep Hacks eBook you will learn how to… 

  • Have more energy. 
  • Increase deep sleep and REM amounts. 
  • Improve sleep quality. 
  • Use modern technology to improve sleep. 
  • Use diet to improve sleep. 
  • Enhance creativity. and much more! 

This isn’t just any guide to sleep. For years sleep experts have been rehashing the same tips over and over: avoid caffeine, sleep in a dark room, have a glass of warm milk, yadda yadda yadda… 

Some of those “classic sleep tips” are useful. Others are useless. And some are counterproductive! Has counting sheep really ever helped someone sleep better? 

In the 40 Sleep Hacks eBook you’ll learn about creative ways to improve your sleep beyond what you already know. You’re in for some cool surprises.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Strategies for Creative Problem Solving By H. Scott Fogler, Steven E. LeBlanc, and Benjamin Rizzo

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A Tested, Proven Approach to Problem Solving—Updated with New Material and Current, Real-Life Examples Strategies for Creative Problem Solving, Third Edition, will help you hone your creative skills and apply those skills to solve nearly any problem. 

Drawing on National Science Foundation-funded, advanced research that studied problem-solving techniques in all areas of modern industry, this book presents a comprehensive, systematic problem-solving framework. Through hands-on techniques and exercises drawing on realistic examples, you will learn how to approach an ill-defined problem, identify the real problem, generate and implement the best solution, evaluate what you’ve learned, and build on that knowledge. 

This third edition has been updated and revised, further enhancing its value for engineers, technical practitioners, students, and anyone who wants to improve their problem-solving skills. Updates include 

  • More than twenty-five new examples—based on recent, real-world events and topics—that illustrate the various problem-solving techniques 
  • Expanded coverage of critical thinking and reasoning 
  • An introduction to structured critical reasoning 
  • New discussion of managing complex change 
  • Expanded and improved explanations of the components of problem-solving strategies 

The first edition of this book earned ASEE’s 1996 Meriam-Wiley Distinguished Author Award, and now it’s more focused and useful than ever. 

Companion Web Site The book’s companion Web site ( is a valuable resource for students and instructors. 

The site contains 

  • Interactive Computer Modules: Seven simulations linked to the book’s content and designed to deepen your expertise with every stage of the problem-solving process 
  • Summary Notes: Chapter-specific material that highlights important points in each chapter—excellent for classroom presentations and concept review 
  • Professional Reference Shelf: Additional examples and problem-solving materials 
  • Additional Study Materials: Course syllabi and Web links to related material

Monday, January 13, 2014

Prayfit : Your Guide to A Healthy Body and A Stronger Faith in 28 Days By Jimmy Pena

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From the exercise physiologist of Tyler Perry and Mario Lopez comes PrayFit, a whole person fitness system designed to strengthen body and deepen faith. At its core, PrayFit is about effort: giving your best in two areas that are vital to well-being—faith and fitness. 

The underlying approach is simple: Make a daily appointment to spend quality time with the Lord and to exercise. This 28-day plan guides readers of any fitness level to begin a workout routine that can be done at home with little to no equipment, to make small but effective changes in their diet and to grow in biblical knowledge and spiritual strength. 

As they follow the specially designed meal plans and workouts, readers will see the physical results of their efforts almost immediately—and as they reflect on the daily devotional reading (contributions from Pastor Jimmy Page, VP of Field Ministry and National Director of Wellness for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes) and Scripture verses, they will begin to understand the eternal dimension of giving their best. 

Living God’s promised abundant life isn’t only about faith . . . though that’s where it starts. PrayFit is the best way to claim that promise both inside and out.

Kundalini Tantra By Swami Satyananda Saraswati

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the Books brought out by Bihar School Of Yoga.Kundalini Yoga is a part of the tantric tradition. Even though you may have already been introduced to yoga, it is necessary to know something about tantra also. Since ancient times, the wise have realised that mind can be expanded and that experiences do not necessarily depend on the object. 

This means that if somebody is playing music, I can hear it, and if somebody has painted a picture, I can see it, but I can also see if there is no picture, and I can also hear if there is no music. This is also a quality of man's personality which has been ignored in the last 150 to 200 years. This Book presents a systematic and pragmatic approach to the awakening of kundalini, which arouses greater intelligence from it's sleep and you can give birth to a new range of creativity.

Anatomy of Hatha Yoga By David H. Coulter

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Anatomy of Hatha Yoga--revised and updated with full color illustrations and photos--is the most comprehensive and authoritative work available correlating the study of hatha yoga with anatomy and physiology. 

It is a must-have for anyone who is serious about studying or teaching yoga, and an invaluable resource for anyone in a field relating to physical conditioning. The author holds a PhD in Anatomy and was a sought-after professor, teacher and yoga practitioner for over thirty years. He lived and taught at the Himalayan Institute for Yoga Science and Philosophy, and the University of Minnesota and Columbia University medical schools. 

The book is unique in the literature, combining the breadth and depth of a textbook with the readability, humor and flow of the great science writers of our time, while bridging the gap between biomedicine and complementary medicine. In it, you will find a comprehensive overview of yoga anatomy and physiology, with special emphasis on the musculoskeletal, nervous, and cadiovascular systems. 

The book presents the anatomy of yoga in scientific terms, while at the same time respecting its principles. The author discusses the basic premises of hatha yoga with foundational material accepted in biomedical sciences, expressly avoiding comment on non-physical concepts such as prana and the chakras. Postures are discussed in detail and depicted in excellent quality color photographs, accompanied by anatomical diagrams to illustrate critical processes and muscle groups.

Light on Yoga By B.K.S. Iyengar

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The classic work by the world's greatest and best known teacher of yoga, 'Light on Yoga' includes: An introduction to the philosophy and practice of yoga; Detailed descriptions of more than 200 postures; Techniques for stilling the mind through breathing exercises; Over 600 photographs illustrating the postures and breathing techniques; A 300-week yoga course progressing from beginner to advanced level; Exercises and postures for specific conditions.

B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga : The Path to Holistic Health By B.K.S. Iyengar

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B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga: The Path to Holistic Health covers the complete teachings of BKS Iyengar for mind, body, and health, and is suitable for every level of yoga ability, age, and physical condition. 

Fully illustrated throughout with unique 360-degree views of classic Iyengar asanas, B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga: The Path to Holistic Health includes a 20-week course introducing beginners to the most widely practiced form of yoga in the world, specially developed sequences to help alleviate more than 80 common ailments, and all classic asanas illustrated and supervised by B.K.S. Iyengar himself. 

B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga: The Path to Holistic Health has been refreshed and updated to include a new chapter celebrating Iyengar's life and work.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Serpent Power : The Secrets of Tantric and Shaktic Yoga By Arthur Avalon

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Written by a leading authority on Shaktic and Tantric thought, this book is considered the prime document for study and application of Kundalini yoga. It probes the philosophical and mythological nature of Kundalini, the esoteric anatomy associated with it, the study of mantras, the chakras, or psychic centers in the human body, much more.

The Master Key System By Charles F. Haanel

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The Master Key System is a personal development book that was originally published as a correspondence course in 1912. Along with "The Science of Getting Rich", by Wallace D. Wattles, the Master Key System is the source of Rhonda Byrne's inspiration for the book and the film "The Secret".

Mental Chemistry By Charles F. Haanel

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Here are the secrets to Mental Chemistry; in this book you will learn how to improve your life by removing some kinds of thoughts and adding others. It works much like conventional chemistry; if you change the elements in a molecule you change the molecule. 

By changing elements of the way you think you will learn how to become a different, better, happier, and more successful you. Long before Michael Losier and James Arthur Ray reminded the world just how affective the power of positive thinking could be in Laws of Attraction and The Science of Success Charles F. Haanel had mapped out the science of it.

The Amazing Secrets of the Yogi By Charles F. Haanel

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"In The Amazing Secrets of the Yogi I have embodied many valuable secrets, which have been collected with great care from the treasured wisdom of Ancient India."

These secrets if put into daily practice will bring you added health, greater success and unbounded happiness. They will prove to be a "guide, philosopher and friend" and will serve you well in times of trouble, difficulty or disease. In fact you will soon come to regard them as the greatest boon that has ever come into your life." 

Charles Francis Haanel was an American New Thought author and a businessman. He is best known for his contributions to the New Thought Movement through his book The Master Key System.

A Book About You By Charles F. Haanel

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How many times have you wished that? How many times have you asked, Why do things go wrong for me? Why do certain things tend to happen to me? How can I change my life for the better? What the heck is going on here? 

Thankfully, there is an operator’s manual for life—and you’re holding it in your hands! Here are just a few things that you will learn as you read Charles F. Haanel’s A Book About You... You will see how everything in the universe is vibrating and how the vibrations reach out to you.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Spiritual Power : How It Works By Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee PhD

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Asking the question How can we use spiritual power to help heal and transform the planet? this visionary book contrasts spiritual and worldly power, and introduces an esoteric tradition that needs to be reclaimed. 

This vital knowledge, held in trust by spiritual masters, shows how spiritual power can work in the world, and how each person can make a dynamic contribution to help the world evolve.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Working with Oneness By Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee PhD

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Working with Oneness brings mysticism into the center of the marketplace, into the world of business and technology, and shows how we can work with it in everyday life. This book provides a blueprint for working consciously with this energy, which has the potential to heal the planet and revolutionize life more than we can imagine.

Light of Oneness By Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee PhD

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Exploring how humanity is awakening to the consciousness of oneness-an awareness of the unity and interconnectedness of all life-this book delves into this hidden dimension of mystical life, expanding the understanding of spiritual work and the potential for global transformation. 

It shows how mystics are helping with this work, bringing light and love where it is needed, transforming old patterns, and bringing this new awareness into the mainstream. This book stresses the role of the feminine and how her natural understanding of life's wholeness and interrelatedness is pivotal to evolution, offering an understanding of a future in which the knowledge of science and the wisdom of the mystic will come together.

Catching the Thread : Sufism, Dreamwork, and Jungian Psychology By Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee PhD

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Spiritual life is a process of inner transformation in which the whole psychic structure of the seeker is changed. Exploring the threshold between psychology and spirituality, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee shows how dreamwork guides us on this inner journey and helps us to understand the different stages of the path. 

He explores the psychological dynamics of the relationship with the teacher, so often misunderstood in the West, and then describes what is hardly mentioned in the great spiritual literature of the world: how the soul of the disciple merges with the soul of the teacher. This book is a reedited version of The Call and the Echo, combined with some of the most important material from the author's first book, The Lover and the Serpent.

The Bond with the Beloved : The Inner Relationship of the Lover and the Beloved By Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee PhD

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Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee portrays the awakening of the seeker to the bond of love that has existed within the human heart since the beginning of time. Drawing on sources both Sufi and Christian, he details the unfolding of this eternal love affair between the human seeker and the Divine Beloved. 

As it explains the tremendous importance of this mystical relationship not only to the lover but to the world, this book suggests that through the inner relationship with the Beloved the lover brings this higher consciousness into every day life and helps the world remember that it belongs to God.

Moshkel Gosha : A Story of Transformation By Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee PhD

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Through this ancient Persian story of a prickly-bush digger and his daughter who discover magical stones that bring wealth and disaster, this tale explores the different ways to nourish and care for the soul. As an invitation to the dimensions of love, power, and divine sustenance, Moshkel Gosha's magical story shows how to value and protect a deep longing for inner truth in the contemporary age. The accompanying commentary highlights the story and applies its principles to the spiritual needs and challenges of the contemporary world.

The Paradoxes of Love By Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee PhD

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The Paradoxes of Love explores the theme of mystical love. The heart's relationship to God is one of the greatest mysteries, for He is both far and near, both awesome and intimate. Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee looks at many of the paradoxes of the path, and how these seeming opposites are united within the heart. He combines his own experience with the teaching and wisdom of the Sufi path, showing how love reveals its hidden nature.

In the Company of Friends : Dreamwork Within a Sufi Group By Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee PhD

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A spiritual group forms a sacred and protected space where energy can flow from the inner to the outer world. Weaving together dreams and spiritual stories, In the Company of Friends explores the psychological and spiritual processes experienced within a group, and how the energy of the path transforms the seeker.

The Signs of God By Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee PhD

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The Signs of God explores the importance of mystical consciousness at this time of global transition. In the depths of the heart is hidden the secret purpose of creation, which is the key to our present time of transformation. 

The work of the mystic is to make this key accessible to humanity, and so open the doors of revelation. The possibilities of the future are present but veiled, the joy of life is waiting to return. 

The mystic can help us to awaken to the oneness that is essential to life, and to recognize the signs of God that will guide us and reveal our true purpose.

The Circle of Love By Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee PhD

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The circle of divine love is always present within the heart. The journey of the mystic is to retrace this circle and so experience the oneness that is hidden within us. Continuing his work of providing a contemporary understanding of Sufism, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee draws us into this mystery of the soul. 

He describes the way of mystical prayer and of listening with the heart. He offers valuable insight into power and the spiritual life: how to use one's power to break free of restrictions and live the joy of one's divine nature. 

He explores the primordial question of why we so easily forget our origin in God. Finally, The Circle of Love takes us deep into the mystical secret of being lost in God, to the center of the circle where the lover merges into the Beloved, and the heart's deepest truth is revealed.

Travelling the Path of Love : Sayings of Sufi Masters By Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee PhD

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With the passion and depth of feeling that belong to lovers, Sufi masters through the centuries have described the soul's journey toward union with God. This collection of sayings, dating from the ninth century to the present day, follows the stages of the journey, allowing the masters to beckon us along this ancient path.

Love Is a Fire : The Sufi's Mystical Journey Home By Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee PhD

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Love is a Fire is an introduction to the Sufi path of love, taking the reader into the passion and wisdom of this mystical tradition. The call of the heart and how it draws us back to divine union is one of mankind's greatest secrets, and for the Sufi this love is a fire that burns away all traces of separation. 

Love is a Fire is based on live talks and meetings with Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, who teaches how to live this burning. He describes the stages of the path of love on the soul's journey home. This is a book for anyone drawn to the fire of divine love.

The Holotropic Mind : The Three Levels of Human Consciousness and How They Shape Our Lives By Stanislav Grof & Hal Zina Bennett

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Within the past three decades, modern science has presented us with new challenges and new discoveries that suggest human capabilities quite beyond anything we previously even imagined. In response to these challenges and discoveries, the collective efforts of researchers from every profession and discipline are providing us with a completely new picture of human existence, and most particularly of the nature of human consciousness.

The Human Encounter with Death By Stanislav Grof

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Death is one of the few universal experiences of human existence. It is the most predictable event in our lives, one that is to be expected with absolute certainty. Yet the nature of death is immersed in deep mystery. Since time immemorial the fact of our mortality has stimulated human fantasy and found incredibly varied expression in the realms of religion, art, mythology, philosophy, and folklore. 

Many extraordinary works of architecture throughout the world have been inspired by the mystery of death: the monumental pyramids and sphinxes of Egypt and its magnificent tombs and necropolises; the mausoleum in Halicar- nassus; * the pre-Columbian pyramids and temples of the Aztecs, Ol- mecs, and Mayans; and the famous tombs of the great Moghuls, such as the Taj Mahal and the Monument of Akbar the Great.

The Subtle Body : An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy By Cyndi Dale

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Welcome to the first comprehensive encyclopedia of the human energetic anatomy. Here is a reference that no personal or professional health-care library should be without—an in-depth, illustrated guide to the invisible energies of the spirit, psyche, and consciousness that influence every aspect of our well-being. 

Whether you are looking for the right complementary medicine to enhance your own healing practice, seeking perennial wisdom about your body’s energetic nature from world traditions, or exploring the quantum edge of intention-based care, The Subtle Body is an indispensible companion for exploring virtually any facet of holistic healing. Created for healing professionals and patients alike, this volume provides a lexicon of terms, illustrations, and detailed entries about our energetic biology and how it relates to our physical being. 

This invaluable information will help you enhance any form of health care and give you the knowledge you need to develop an integrated approach for your clients’ well-being—or your own. 

All healers are "energetic" healers, whether they know it or not. Because every health issue has a physical and an energetic component, even a simple physical treatment like bandaging a cut also impacts the body's spiritual, mental, and emotional welfare. 

The Subtle Body is a comprehensive encyclopedia devoted to the critical world of our invisible anatomy, where so much of healing actually occurs. Compiled by intuitive healer and scholar Cyndi Dale, this 500-page full color illustrated reference book covers: 

* What is the "subtle body"? New scientific understanding of our quantum-state existence and the unseen fields that determine our physical condition 
* True integrative care: how combining Eastern energetic modalities with Western scientific rigor yields optimum results 
* The meridians, fields, and chakras: detailed information and diagrams about the role of these energetic structures in our overall health 
* Energy-based therapy principles from the world's healing traditions--including Ayurveda, Qigong, Reiki, Quabalah, and many more. 

For professionals who want to make the leap from being good healers to great ones, one thing is clear: we need to care for every facet of our well-being. With The Subtle Body, practitioners and patients alike now have an unprecedented resource for understanding the physical, energetic, and spiritual elements of human health--for an informed, complete approach to healing.
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