Wednesday, January 15, 2014

40 Sleep Hacks : The Geek’s Guide to Optimizing Sleep By Jeff (Sleep Warrior)

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40 Sleep Hacks – The Geek’s Guide to Optimizing Sleep, As many “lifestyle hackers” know, the pathway to improving life comes down to habits, knowledge, and self-experimentation. 

In the 40 Sleep Hacks eBook you will learn how to… 

  • Have more energy. 
  • Increase deep sleep and REM amounts. 
  • Improve sleep quality. 
  • Use modern technology to improve sleep. 
  • Use diet to improve sleep. 
  • Enhance creativity. and much more! 

This isn’t just any guide to sleep. For years sleep experts have been rehashing the same tips over and over: avoid caffeine, sleep in a dark room, have a glass of warm milk, yadda yadda yadda… 

Some of those “classic sleep tips” are useful. Others are useless. And some are counterproductive! Has counting sheep really ever helped someone sleep better? 

In the 40 Sleep Hacks eBook you’ll learn about creative ways to improve your sleep beyond what you already know. You’re in for some cool surprises.

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