Friday, January 3, 2014

Creative Healing : How to Heal Yourself By Michael Samuels & Mary Rockwood Lane

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Creative Healing is a book which takes each of us on the journey of art and healing. In a clear simple way it explains the new field of art and healing, it shows us the scientific studies of how art heals, it tells us how is has been used throughout human history, and it gives us examples of how it is being used today in university medical centers around the world. More importantly it shows us how we can use the creative spirit to heal ourselves or our loved ones right now. 

All of the material on this site is in the book in much greater detail. This book is for people who are ill with any illness, physical or mental. Art works for a person having depression from a divorce, someone with cancer or AIDS, and a person on a spiritual path. This book is for to people who are interested in art and feel it is empty for them, to artists and art educators, and to people interested in art and culture. It is for people who are interested in healing and feel it lacks heart or meaning, to doctors, nurses, and therapists and to people interested in holistic healing. Finally it is for to people trying to help friends or loved ones heal.

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