Sunday, November 11, 2012

You Are Psychic By Pete A. Sanders

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Use a scientifically proven method to harness your inborn psychic abilities and achieve breakthroughs in everyday life! 

Everyone has occasional psychic experiences, but few people realize that it is possible to access E.S.P. on command. Using his extensive study of biomedical chemistry and brain science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Pete A. Sanders, Jr., has developed a method to show how we can tap into our psychic abilities at will to expand our knowledge and gain control of our destiny. 

By sharing the techniques that he and his instructors have taught to more than half a million people, You Are Psychic! offers a program of simple exercises to teach you how to: 

 * Experience nine senses, instead of only five. 
 * Locate the body's four Psychic Reception Areas and find out whether you are strongest in psychic vision, hearing, intuition, or feeling. 
 * Tap your extrasensory awareness whenever you wish. 
 * Use your psychic abilities to improve your professional success, your relationships, and your creativity, and to heal your body. 
 * Apply your sharpened perceptual powers to solve complex problems and handle difficult people.


  1. Thanks man :D I really didn't expect to find this on a blog, because most of them make you go on survey sites and you don't even know if it's real or fake. I wanted to buy this but i couldn't find an e-book... Thx a lot again

  2. your welcome andy

    by the occult team


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