Monday, August 19, 2013

Finding Shelter Under the Swastika, Exercising the Will By Hagur

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The following pages have been written as an introduction and a guide to the “will” experience and training. It is a tool for the quick exploration, development and utilisation of the will, describing its qualities and various aspects, and how it can be best operated. 

Aryan man has escaladed high mountains as the Himalayas, penetrated the densest jungles, plodded through ice to the North and South Poles, and even deep into sea and earth. Dauntless Aryan warriors have thus explored the outer world. 

The world of the mind, however, the vast continent of consciousness, remained more or less as to the psychologists Carl Gustav Jung, Sigmund Freud and contemporaries largely uncharted and unknown. Before them, a number of wastelands had been discovered by psychologists, but beyond them laid vast stretches of unexplored mental territory. 

In ages gone by, Sages have adventured in these unfrequented areas of human awareness without today’s known and scientific results, and from there the world-religions were founded based on pure speculation, where god and man remains a complete mystery up this very day. 

Carl Gustav Jung focussed our attention on the domain of meanings behind the world of outer things. Today we know the reasons for multitudes of undigested experiences, restlessness, frayed nerves, and mental disorders. 

From there, the physical body, responsive to the mind also suffers. Unresolved and unexamined tensions that produce illness and disease are built up in the consciousness, while physicians frequently prescribe rest and quiet. It is easy to set the body; it is quite a different matter to quiet the mind.

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