Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Reality Transurfing 1 : The Space of Variations >>>ENGLISH VERSION<<< By Vadim Zeland

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This book talks about some very strange and unusual things. This may all be so shocking to you that you would not want to believe it. 

However, it will not be necessary for you to believe. You will receive all the tools you need to test the claims made in this book. Having done that, your ordinary view of life will change completely. 

Transurfing is a powerful method that will allow you to do the most impossible things (impossible from a normal point of view) – namely, to manage your destiny just the way you like. There will not be any miracles. Something greater is awaiting you. 

You will be convinced that the unknown reality is much more incredible than any magic. We won’t be doing any exercises, meditations or soul digging. Transurfing is not a new self-improvement technique, but it is an entirely different way of thinking and acting so that you can get exactly what you want. Not to strive for things you want in your life but to get what you want. And not by changing yourself but by returning to yourself. 

Reality Transurfing was one of the top non-fiction bestsellers in the world in 2005 and 2006. Unknown till now in the West, the series has sold over 1,300,000 copies in Russia in three years. This translation (by Natasha Micharina) describes a new way of looking at reality, indeed of creating it. It provides a scientific explanation of the laws that help you do this.

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