Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Guide to the Sanctuary of Dao : Daoist Traditions of Restoration, Transformation, and Immortality By Dao Yuan & Valley Spirit Arts Phoenix, Arizona

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Mission Statement :

Dedicated to the preservation and propagation of Daoist meditation,
health, and spiritual teachings for the betterment of Western
society, the Sanctuary of Dao holds five primary goals:

• To produce and distribute Daoist literary and media
materials for the educational and spiritual benefit of
the general public.

• To establish an educational and practice center
for presenting Daoist teachings.

• To maintain a website that provide educational,
cultural, and spiritual services and materials for
the Daoist community.

• To develop strong ties with active Daoist temples
in China.

The Sanctuary of Dao welcomes all Daoist adherents of any sect,
organization, or group to join us in promoting Daoist teachings....

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