Monday, March 25, 2013

9 Taoist Books on the Elixir A Short Bibliography Compiled By Fabrizio Pregadio


This bibliography contains the main data on nine important original texts of Taoist alchemy. I have included two texts on Waidan 外丹 (External Alchemy) and seven texts on Neidan 內丹 (Internal Alchemy).

In addition to their importance and renown, I have chosen texts for which at least one translation in a Western language is available. An appendix contains the titles of nine selected Western-language works on Taoist alchemy, with short notes on their content.

Each entry contains:
• Title in Chinese, and translation
• Information on author and date
• A synthetic description
• References to print editions of the Chinese text
• Links to online versions of the Chinese text
• Translations into Western languages (with links to relevant Web pages, if available)
• Main reference materials, both in print and online

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