Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mind Over Money : How to Program Your Mind For Wealth By Ilya Alexi

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This simple 30-day training manual will help you change your life in every imaginable way. Discover the little-known secrets of thinking rich in order to finally created financial freedom in your life and avoid the critical mistakes that keep most people trapped in a cycle of money problems.

DAY 1: This Moment Is Your Point Of Power
DAY 2: How to Stay Light-Years Ahead of the Masses
DAY 3: Three Simple Steps To Unleash The Power Of Goals 

DAY 4: How To Instantly Change Your Limiting Beliefs 
DAY 5: Protect Yourself From The Negativity Of Others 
DAY 6: The Power Of Auto-Suggestions 
DAY 7: The Greatest Secret of Modern Science... 
DAY 8: Why Your Feelings Are The Gateway To Riches 
DAY 9: Your Desires Are the Key to Your Evolution 
DAY 10: How to Be Happy... Right Now! 
DAY 11: You Will Get Exactly What You Focus Upon 
DAY 12: How to Supercharge Your Magnetic Power 
DAY 13: How Joyful Expectancy Creates Financial Miracles 
DAY 14: You Are Always in the Right Place at the Right Time 
DAY 15: How to Live Effortlessly 
DAY 16: The Magic Key of All True Wealth 
DAY 17: How to Generate Powerful Self-Confidence 
DAY 18: The Genius, Power, and Magic of Boldness 
DAY 19: Opportunities Are Everywhere 
DAY 20: Never Stop Learning to Create Financial Freedom 
DAY 21: There is Always Enough Money to Meet Your Needs 
DAY 22: The Magical Powers of Kindness 
DAY 23: Freely Accept the Gifts of the Universe 
DAY 24: Five Ways to Enjoy Sharing Your Wealth 
DAY 25: Your Unique Personality Will Make You Rich 
DAY 26: Ask Your Dreams For Money-Making Ideas 
DAY 27: Happiness Will Make You Money 
DAY 28: How to Become a Powerful Source of Good 
DAY 29: It's Time to Take Action! 
DAY 30: Celebrate, Have Fun, and Enjoy Your Life!

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