Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Custom Design Your Own Destiny By Bruce Goldberg

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Custom Design Your Own Destiny focuses on both personal and professional empowerment by training the reader to master age progression techniques using self-hypnosis. Dr. Goldberg refers to this method as the "New You" technique, and it allows the user to lay out the various probable future options(five in all) and select the ideal path. The reader is then shown how to program themselves to enter and remain on this ideal path or frequency.

This "New You" technique also shows the reader how to maximize each of their paths and to raise their level of consciousness along the way. Other topics covered are: attaining success, overcomong fears and procrastinatioin, targeting goals, leadership and assertive training. Examples are taken from Dr. Goldberg's own life and his extensive case files to illustrate these principles. Throughout this book numerous self-hypnosis exercises are presented to assist the reader in raising their own self-image and training them to take charge of their own life.

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