Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Enlightenment Through Orbs By Diana Cooper & Kathy Crosswell

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Intended as an introduction and initiation to a worldwide fascination, this experiential tool draws its conclusions from the careful scrutiny of thousands of digital photographs containing orbs—visible proof of the presence of angels in the form of ghostly spheres. The book answers technical questions and offers practical guidance, such as who the orbs are, what purpose they serve, and how they can help. The dozens of full-color photos included within allow the orbs to enlighten and transform lives with their specific energies as well as provide tools for confidence, love, empowerment, hope, and spiritual expansion. Seekers will find the orbs especially enlightening, whether they are looking to make simple connections to angels and other spirit guides or ultimately to accelerate their own spiritual ascension. 

Humans can only see and hear within a specific frequency band. Angels and other beings of light vibrate on a different frequency and because many people only believe in that which is tangible, the masses are denying the existence of the spiritual or are oblivious of it. Because of this, much of the help that is available to them is lost and huge numbers of individuals are confused and without hope.

People want proof of the existence of a spiritual world. For centuries the spiritual hierarchy has tried to draw people’s attention to the dimension beyond our normal senses and various methods have been tried. For example, at one time ectoplasm, a visible emanation of spirit, was created, but this takes energy and appears in limited conditions, so people were very sceptical of it. It was time for some new proof to emerge.

The angels and Masters in charge of the project chose the appearance of Orbs in photographs as a physical demonstration of spirit because they arouse people’s interest and cause them to question. In addition, every time someone sees an Orb the angels have a chance to touch that person while they are alert, curious and open to possibilities. Naturally, the angel connects with them anyway, but if their mind is closed or unconscious, it does not have the same impact.
note :

don't ask. that's me (jebalkober), who took the picture, last night,
17 september 2012.

that's the most amazing, mysterious, and strongest orbs that i've ever see.

i have 9 photo about them (orbs captured on my digital camera),
but i just post this, that i think the strongest one.

my left hand really tingling and I feel the energy of the light is very strong, i don't know what it is ? orbs, angel, energy, or spirit, it doesn't matter. 

this is true photo, no manipulation, no fake, & no bullshit in here. 

i post it, into deviantArt site, here :

Camera model :

F-stop :

Exposure time :
1/45 sec.

ISO speed :

Exposure bias :
0 step

Focal length :
5 mm

Max aperture :

Metering mode :
Center Weighted Average

Flash Mode :
Flash, auto

35mmfocal length :

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