Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Practical occultism (1921) By Walter Winston Kenilworth

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We cannot revert our minds these days, but we hear of the occult. Occultism, in various forms, is becoming in a tremendous and may be dangerous sense the fad of the world. The dan- ger is evident in the important fact that the occult is so glibly handled by those who know it so little. There are those even like a child, ignorantly playing with fire, employ occultism for commercial and selfish purposes, and hourly curse themselves through the law of reflection. They invariably become neurasthenic. 

Occultism, in no sense, signifies the tinkling of astral bells, the gibberings of earthbound souls, and similar mob-attracting phenomena. The greatest occultist is the greatest child; the greatest occult vision, the vision of the spirit; the greatest occult deed and rarest, the unselfish deed. Thrice blessed by the Karmic Deities are such who, in unison with the True White Brotherhood, per- form the simplest act of kindness, and employ the higher senses and the soul-faculties in a sim- ple, humble spirit for the benefit of the fellow- man.



Apropos the Occult 7 

Practical Occultism 10 

The Philosophical Ideal 10 

{ The Mental Ideal and Psychic Control . . . .15 

' The Emotional Ideal 23 

Psychic Development 24 

The Nervous System 25 

Interaction of Mind and Nerves 36 

The Mind 39 

Psychic Development and Mental Therapeutics . . 48 

Psychic Suggestions 70 

The Science and Secret of Hypnotism .... 103 

The Development of Hypnotism 107 

The Methods of Hypnotic Therapeutics . . . 115 

Physio-Psychical Conditions 116 

The Drift of the New Psychology 120 

Clairvoyance 123 

Auras and Influences 130 

Fate and Astrology 136 

Karma 147 

The Ways of Karma 156 

The Spiritual Perception 162 

Business and Concentration 177 


4 Contents 


Self-Education 185 

Changing Your Environment 193 

Impressions and Intuitions 305 

Comments on the Philosophy of Good and Evil . . 214 

Philosophical Reflections on the Nature of Reality . 222 

Deeper Meanings 249 

The Divinity of the Soul 265 

The Highest Ideal 278 

The Higher Call and Response 287 

Racial Disturbances and Self-Expression . . . 290 

The Higher Self 293 

Concerning the Eternal Omnipresent Self . . . 298 

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