Monday, February 24, 2014

Interesting Links and Stuff Worth Checking Out

If you are interested in learning more and talking with like minded people come check out the forum at

Vigilant Citizen always has some good info on the media and entertainment industry, check it out at

David Icke has a real grip on this NWO/ reptilian stuff too. Definitely worth a look. If you can get your hands on any of his papers, seminars or books I assure you it will blow your mind.

Before its News- a fantastic alternative to mass media is another great alternative news source reporting on those issues that are under-reported or blacklisted in mass media is a great site for information and facts on chem trails, HAARP and other man made disasters threatening our health always have some interesting views. check it out at

The Silver Legion is a group of allied Lightwarriors who’s spokes person on earth is Tanaath. They are here to protect and free humanity, but help is needed…are you a Lightwarrior?

“The Little Green Guy Book” is supposedly a compendium of research conducted by the U.S.S.R. and beyond into alien visitation on earth. An interesting history of Alien investigation over the years and suggestions of coverups…don’t know about the authenticity, but the races are in there, the Pleiadians, reptilian, annanuki, the greys…and the history behind them is somewhat correct to how I understand it with exceptions. But it is worth checking out. is a great resource, some eye opening facts to be found well worth a look

Get Holistic Health is usually full of good ways to stay healthy and fit, well, holistically! And always has some interesting articles worth a look

Video on Dr Masaru Emoto’s work with water crystals and thought.

For a little history on the formation of some secret societies, symbology, ancient religions, the Vatican and how it is really “a place of serpent prophecy” check out this link below. There is a fair amount of reading, it is even in multiple languages in some parts! The references are far reaching and the research well done, I highly recommend it so you can get a grip on the reality of the world around us and the bullshit we have been fed.

This site has some great health tips for those of us trying to avoid getting caught in the Big Pharma cycle of illness for profit medicine. Her story is great and says a lot for creating the reality you wish to live in.


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