Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Oceanic Mind Meditation By Tom Von Deck

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Author: Tom Von Deck 
Pages: 102 
Copyright: © 2009 by Monkey Wisdom and Tom Von Deck - Feel free to distribute the first 100 pages of this document noncommercially in its entirety, including this copyright notice. 

Tuning yourself for deep meditation does not strictly involve warm up workouts just prior to meditation. It offers a complete method of integrating both this tuning process and meditation into everyday activity. IT is neither secular nor religious. However, IT is as secular or religious as the individual who practices this strategy. The author uses the words “spirit”, “God” and “soul” in this book. You do not need to do the same. These words are individual preferences.. 

What is Meditation (and What the Hell is Yoga for That Matter)? Is Meditation Religious? Benefits of Meditation Preliminaries More Preliminaries for Deeper Meditation Going Deeper Yet Developing a Routine A Word about the Imagination Some Warm Up Exercises Inner Smile – Qigong’s Most Obvious Secret Clench and Release – A Gem from Hatha Yoga Stretch and Release

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