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Themista Free Ebooks

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Lee, Vernon.  The Beautiful (1913).  htm  •   epub
Lee, Vernon.  Laurus Nobilis; Chapters on Art and Life (1909).  htm  •   epub
Noyes, Carleton.  The Enjoyment of Art (1903).  htm  •   epub
Noyes, Carleton.  The Gate of Appreciation (1907).  htm  •   epub
Santayana, George.  The Sense of Beauty; Being the Outlines of Aesthetic Theory (1896).  htm  •   epub
Souriau, Paul.  La Rèverie Esthétique; Essay sur la Psychologie du Poète (1906).  htm  •   epub
Taylor, Thomas, trans.  An Essay on the Beautiful (From the Greek of Plotinus) (1917).  htm  •   epub

Affirmations and Self-Help
Coué, Émile.  Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion (1922).  htm  •   epub
Larson, Christian. Concentration (1920).  htm   •   epub
Leland, Charles Godfrey.  The Mystic Will (1907).  review  •   htm  •   epub
Stewart, Joseph. The Esoteric Art of Living (1900).  htm   •   epub

"Clara".  Cupology (1904).  review  •   htm  •   epub
"A Highland Seer".  Tea-Cup Reading (1921).  review  •   htm  •   epub
Sepharial.  How to Read the Crystal, or Crystal and Seer (1922).  review  •   htm  •   epub
Sepharial.  Second Sight (1912).  review  •   htm  •   epub
Stevenson, E. Irenaeus.  The Square of Sevens (1896).  review  •   htm  •   epub

Custance, Olive (Lady Alfred Douglas).  The Inn of Dreams (1911).  htm  •   epub
Ficke, Arthur Davison and Witter Bynner.  Spectra (1912).  review  •   htm  •   epub
Gautier, Théophile.  Enamels and Cameos (1903).  htm  •   epub
Gray, John.  Silverpoints (1893).  htm  •   epub
Merrill, Stuart.  Petits Poèmes D'Automne (1895).  review  •   htm  •   epub
Scheffauer, Herman.  The Masque of the Elements (1912).  htm  •   epub
Symons, Arthur.  Silhouettes (1896).  htm  •   epub
Taylor, Rachel Annand.  The Hours of Fiammetta.  A Sonnet Sequence (1910).  htm  •   epub

Fernie, William T.  Herbal Simples Approved for Modern Uses of Cure (1897).  review  •   txt

Rilke, Rainer Maria.  Letters to a Young Poet, translated by K. W. Maurer. (1943).  htm  •   epub
Jammes, Francis.  Le Poète et L’Inspiration (1922).  htm  •   epub

Epictetus.  The Enchiridion (1750).  htm  •   epub
Epicurus.  Principle Doctrines (1925).  htm  •   epub

John Cowper Powys
Powys, John Cowper.  The Complex Vision (1920).  review  •   htm  •   epub
Powys, John Cowper.  Suspended Judgments: Essays on Books and Sensations (1916).  htm  •   epub
Powys, John Cowper.  Visions and Revisions: A Book of Literary Devotions (1915).  htm  •   epub

Goddard, Dwight. A Buddhist Bible (1932).  htm   •   epub    [Illustration: new5]
Hung, Tzu-ch'eng.  Musings of a Chinese Vegetarian (1926).  review  •   htm  •   epub
Mercer, J. Edward.  Nature Mysticism (1913).  review  •   htm  •   epub
Santi-deva.  The Path of Light (1909).  htm  •   epub
Shastri, M.P.M.R., ed.  The Vijnana Bhairava Scripture (1918).  review  •   pdf
Shorthouse, J. Henry, ed. Golden Thoughts from the Spiritual Guide of Miguel Molinos (1883).  htm   •   epub     [Illustration: new5]
Staveley, Lilian.  The Golden Fountain (1919).  htm  •   epub
Staveley, Lilian.  The Prodigal Returns (1921).  htm  •   epub
Staveley, Lilian.  The Romance of the Soul (1920).  htm  •   epub
Underhill, Evelyn.  Practical Mysticism (1915).  review  •   htm  •   epub
Whitman, Walt.  The Book of Heavenly Death (1905).   htm   •   epub
Younghusband, Sir Francis.  The Heart of Nature (1922).  htm  •   epub

Gray, Arthur.  The Little Tea Book (1903).  review  •   htm  •   epub
Okakura-Kakuzo. The Book of Tea (1919).  htm   •   epub
Yanagi, Soetsu.  The Way of Tea (1953).  review  •   htm  •   epub

Dillaway, Newton, ed.  The Gospel of Emerson (1940).  htm   •   epub  [Illustration: new5]
Emerson, Ralph Waldo.  Nature (1849).  htm  •   epub
Volkman, Arthur G.  Thoreau on Man and Nature (1960).  htm   •   epub  [Illustration: new5]

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