Sunday, December 29, 2013

Leaving The Body : A Complete Guide To Astral Projection By D. Scott Rogo

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Do you have soul? will any part of you survive death? 

If you believe you have some kind of soul, that some part of you will survive death, how do you know your belief isn't superstitious non-sense, fearfully clung to by you because you can't face up to the inevitability and finality of death? Astral projection, the ability to "leave the body" at will, is a phenomeon that has long fascinated the general public. 

Not only are books on the subject popular best-sellers, but many people have long clamored for information about how the experience can be induced and learned. As someone who has been a student of the subject for many years, I am still constanly amazed at the number of requests I get for this type of information. 

Many techniques traditionally used to induce the OOBE focus on relaxation, entering a sleeplike state, auto-hypnosis, or the induction of similar "twilight zone" state of consciousness. 

But few people realize that one of the first empirically derived methods for inducing OBEs was much more dynamic and volitional. 

The key was the use of directly focused concentration. 

This technique was first developed by French researchers around the turn of the twentieth century, although their research and procedures are barely remembered today.

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