Friday, December 27, 2013

Occultism For Beginners By William H. Dower

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Occultism as a Science of life-forces, gives a key to the art of right living in accord with the Divine and Natural plan of evolution. That the Lessons of this First Series may be a practical help to all who read these pages is the earnest hope of the writer. 

The Lessons were first printed in The Temple Artisan, a monthly magazine published at Halcyon, California, and have now been issued in booklet form because of the many requests for them, impossible of fulfillment otherwise. 

To emphasize important points, if possible, with mantramic effect, some words and sentences in the Lessons have been purposefully put in a style and printed form designed to vitalize the mental impression of the reader. 

Arcane truths are never acquired by thinking along lines of established precedent. Striking out boldly from the much trodden paths of accepted beliefs, the earnest student must blaze new trails in the Wonderland of Universal Nature, spiritual and material, always relating, however, each newly discovered truth to the Unity of the All in One and the One in All. 

He who would know the origin and destiny of things; who would win the power to measure in his consciousness the infinitely great by the infinitely small, the infinitely small by the infinitely great; who would know the basic principles of his relations, spiritually and materially, to the Cosmic Whole and to all his other selves and parts, mineral, vegetable, animal, human and superhuman; who would know the Law of his interdependence with all life; such an one is a seeker after Occult Knowledge — and for all such, these Lessons are intended. 


Chapter I. The Meaning Of Occultism. 
Chapter II. The Cellular Man. 
Chapter III. Seven-Fold Correspondences Of Cell. 
Chapter IV. Visible And Invisible Man. 
Chapter V. The Nature Of The Soul. 
Chapter VI. Spirit And Matter. 
Chapter VII. The Root Consciousness Of Man. 
Chapter VIII. The Pituitary Body. 
Chapter IX. Pituitary Body And Pineal Gland. 
Chapter X. The Brain, A Synthetic Center. 
Chapter Xl Reincarnation. 
Chapter XII. The Seven Harmonies. 
Chapter XIII. Ten Basic Truths. 
Chapter XIV. The Mystery Of The Heart. 
Chapter XV. Spiritual Correspondences Of The Heart. 

Excerpts: By Occultism is meant a knowledge of the finer forces of Nature. The finer forces of nature are those not generally perceptible to the outer Five Senses of man. But there is no sharp line between the inner, finer forces, and the outer, grosser forces. Likewise between the outer material senses and the inner spiritual senses. These merge gradually one into the other. 

The outer material forces manifest when outer conditions are made for that purpose. The inner spiritual forces manifest when inner astral or spiritual conditions are made on inner planes. The outer, however, is dependent on the inner as the Material Universe is dependent on the Spiritual Universe. The outer is a reflection of the inner. Steam, Electricity, Magnetism, Chemical Action, Gravitation, Light and Sound are outer, perceptible forces based on inner causes. Thought, Will, Desire, Love, Vital Magnetism and so on, are occult forces, not perceptible to the five senses save by their effects. 

As with the man so with the Universe as a whole. The Infinite is mirrored in the Finite. What we call matter is materialized or crystallized spiritual substance—that is, the one primordial eternal substance in a lower rate of vibration. Likewise, there is but one Force. 

The higher differentiations of this one force are the finer occult forces of life, simply having a high rate of vibration in spiritual substance. The exterior forces are lower rates of vibration in the same substance. There is no such thing as vibration in itself. Something must vibrate.

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