Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Remote Influencing Secrets Revealed By Gerald O‘Donnell

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With this course, you will learn to Remote Influence thought and through it create your reality. We are about to embark on a stupendous journey—a journey through the wonders of your inner mind—the inner magical world of your self. 

This course, in its entirety, is about you. You will discover your infinite power: your power to change and affect your entire world, to influence your life, as well as others, for the better. 

This power, your birthright, awaits within you. It has nothing to do with money, social status, or education. It is the power of manifesting your thoughts. It is an inner force that all of you possess which will apply its infinite power to accommodate and project to you the world that you desire, the reality that you truly envision with dedicated mental imaginative concentration.

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