Monday, December 23, 2013

Unmasking Duality : Two To One And None (A Poetic Philosophical Journey Unmasking Duality) By Ulla AllU

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At substratum of Existence, there is no resistance. TOTAL Spontaneous Essence, Appearing as HERE & NOW Presence. 

This philosophical book on Consciousness and Thoughts Spans a Poetic Journey from Self Identity (Consciousness expressing as you, me and we) To ONE and the final dawning of NONE. 

The identifications that we face, Keeps us from seeing through the haze. And they are often revealed, Through one or another form of rejection or dejection, That may lead to the walk of honest reflection. 

Living in and from the heart, requires courage, To BE open to whatever presents itself in the moment. Many inspired this life in numerous ways, Through the Tango Life plays. 

I Thank ALL without giving any names, In the end there is NONE to hold any claims. THAT which unifies us ALL Is deeper than form and untouched by time. 

Ulla AllU

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