Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Concentration (1920) By Christian D. Larson

CONCENTRATION in general may be defined as an active state of mind wherein the whole of attention, with all available energy and talent, is being applied upon the one thing that we are doing now. We concentrate in the full meaning of the term when we give ourselves completely to the thought or the action of the present moment; and this is true whether we work with muscle, brain or mind, or express ourselves through thoughts, words or emotion.

The principle of concentration is to do one thing at a time, and to do that
one thing with all the talent and power we possess.

THE art of concentration is one of the simplest to learn, and one of the greatest when mastered; and these pages are written especially for those who wish to learn how to master this fine art in all of its aspects; who wish to develop the power to concentrate well at any time and for any purpose ; who wish to make real concentration a permanent acquisition of the mind.

Whatever your work or your purpose may be, a good concentration is indispensable. It is necessary to apply, upon the object or subject at hand, the full power of thought and talent if you are to secure, with a certainty, the re-
sults you desire, or win the one thing you have in view. But the art of concentration is not only a leading factor in the fields of achievement and realization; it is also a leading factor in an other field — a field of untold possibility.

The exceptional value of concentration is recognized universally; and still
there are comparatively few that really know how to concentrate. Some of
these have a natural aptitude for concentrated thought and action, while others have improved themselves remarkably in this direction, due to increased
knowledge on the subject; but as yet the psychology of concentration is not understood generally; and that is why the majority have not developed this great art, although they are deeply desirous of doing so.

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