Monday, April 2, 2012

Mind Power The Secret of Mental Magic By William Walker Atkinson

What if there was a way to magically make your future take shape by merely thinking about it?

Make things take shape and circumstances play out that you so desperately wanted?

Your life can shrink or expand in proportion to your courage and limitations of your thoughts.

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thoughts. You are where you are today because you chose to be there. When life throws misfortune at you, you have a choice to respond to it in a life enhancing way or not. This is a very powerful way of thinking.

It forces you to take responsibility for your life and actions. Your attitude can be a big factor in determining your success in overcoming difficulties. Life is about constant growth, and mind power is the fuel for your life’s fire that enables you to live a life of wealth and abundance.

Think if it how much different your life can be if you have better life enhancing thoughts? Think what you can achieve if you use your mind power to create
the life you have always dreamt of? Fully revised and updated since the first publication in 1908, then in 1908, as well as in 1912.

Now in 2005, I bring you one of the best books on advanced thought and the power of the mind.

Stripped of all the typical examples that you find in so many self-help books today, this one gives you the exact steps to take to the state of mind where you will create your life of abundance and prosperity.

My work focus only on the methods and strategies you need to employ to develop and create the live you have always desired.

Having applied the strategies contained in this encyclopedia of thought power for over 20 years with great success, I can give you’re the assurance that these strategies work.

Whether you looking for personal success, relationship success, financial success, or just a quantum leap in improvement in personal circumstances of yourself and those around you, harnessing the power of the mind will change your life forever.

I must warn you that the strategies contained here are incredibly powerful, and you must give the silent undertaking to your fellow man kind not to use these strategies to anyone’s disadvantage,or in a selfish manner, but in a way that will improve the life for us all.

Mind Power will help you to create the exact life you want!



Tho Mental Dynamo 7

The Nature of Mind-Power 33

Mentfltive Induction 33

Mental Magic in Animal Life 44

Mental Magic in Human Life G7

Tho Mentative Poles 78

Desire and Will in Fable 95

Mind-Power in Action 108

Personal Magnetism 121

Dynamic Mentation 135

Dynamic Individuality 144

Mental Atmosphere 163

Channels of Influence 179

lnstruments of Expression 193

Using the Mentative Instruments 207

Mental Sugestion 223

Four Kinds of Suggestion 237

now Suggestion is Used 258

Induced Imagination 277

Induced Imagination in India .286

The Ocean of Mind-Power 297

A Glimpse of the Occult World 300

Self -Protection 330

Indirect Influence 346

Mental Therapeutics 357

Mental Healing Methods 372

Mental Architecture 389

Making Over Oneself 406

Mind-Building 427

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