Monday, April 16, 2012

Hindu Occult Art Magic (1921) By K. T. Ramasami

A short courae of practical Research and experiments, based upon the Ancient Hindu Tantric Science, dealing with the TeleMagnetic or TeleKinetic force,
employed to act upon Physical matter, in the production of Occult phenomena effected by the Superconscious Will or Ego of Man.

In this short course of lessons we initiate you into the mysteries of some practical tests and experiments bearing on Occult Art Magic which may properly and technically be termed Psycho-Physics, in modern Scientific Research language. Psy-cho-Physics is the science that deals with "Mentalism" or mind and its forces, in relation to material objects, or, in other words, the influence of mind over matter. Mind or the finer proces functioning within living be-ings, is proved to have sway over Matter or the Physical side of Life. Hence we term this branch of science as Psycho-Physics.

Modern Scientífic Research after a laborious work in this line has come to recognize that the abnormal Psy-cho-Material occurrence classiiied as
olden days' magic and miracles, originates from a central natural SOURCE — the super-conscious mind or Ego, and the effect thereof is always of a certain particular class of phenomena we know of. The sources or causes of such magical or mysterious phenomena are 

(a) automatist's own mind ;
(b) automatist's subconscious mind working in conjunction with the sub-conscious minds of the spectators.
(c) Automatist's subconscious mind being over-powered and thereby influenced by the Resolute Will of the Ego, or Super conscious mind of the operator, otherwise termed the Individual Spirit.

Thus you see the main force of the operator is nothing but his Wiil that impells and Eiectro - Magneticaily controls the mind and organism, or nerves of the subject, in producing the class of psycho-physical phenomena described here. There is, therefore, nothing supernatural here. But to a person that is ignorant of these underlying causes at work, the eflfects produced in the form of abnormal phenomena are always mystifying, hence all these workings of mind over matter (Body) are classed as Occult Art-Magic or Tantric, in eastern language. India, especially South India, once had plenty of such Tantrics or Art magicians and their number is decreasing for want of popular interest or support. We have come across with such genuine Tantrics and we are already initiated into their mysteries.

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