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Mental growth and control (1902) By Nathan Oppenheim

The growth of character.--The mind as a machine.--The power of attention.--What association means.--The uses of instinct.--Memory and its development.--The bonds of habit.--Hypnotism and suggestion.--Imagination, the enlightener.--The emotions and their education.--Reasoning, the guide.--Will, the controller

Cektain books of counsel, teaching young men and women how best to shape their ideals and their lives, played an honorable part in the literature of the nineteenth century, particularly in America, where aspiring youth is eager to learn the secret of noble success. These books, so gratefully remembered by older men, have long since become powerless to aid a younger generation, and their place has not yet been worthily filled. It is our intention to issue a short series of small volumes that shall fulfil the mission of the best of these obsolescent manuals. No one mind, no single experience, would suffice for such a task. Each special field, each special group of personal problems, must be treated separately. There is the problem of the bod how shall its mechanism be perfected and kept in repair; the problem of the mind — how shall its latent powers be wisely developed ; the problem of the spiritual
nature — how shall it be best nurtured.


I. The Growth of Character

11. The Mind as a Machine

III. The Power of Attention .

IV. What Association Means .
V. The Uses of Instinct .

VI. Memory and its Development .

VII. The Bonds of Habit

VIII. Hypnotism and Suggestion .

IX. Imagination, the Enlightener .

X. The Emotions and their Education

XL Reasoning, the Guide .

XII. Will, ..the Controller

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