Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The history and power of mind By Richard Ingalese

The Occult forces of nature and their modes of manifestation have been known for ages to certain secret orders which have not deemed it wise heretofore
to give their knowledge to the world. This age, however, seems, in their judgment, propitious for the wider spread of such knowledge both because many independent investigators are discovering for themselves something about these forces and, in their ignorance, are perverting the use of them as witness hypnotism and because the advanced men of the race have reached a point where they are desirous of this knowledge, and every mental demand brings its supply.

"THE HISTORY AND POWER OF MIND" was selected for a title because the history of mind is the history of man; and these lectures first trace mind, or psychic man's, origin and development, and then describe the power of mind and its modes of manifestation.

It may not be amiss to state in conclusion that the book is not written for the purpose of propagandism. Something of the operation of Nature's Laws is described in these lectures, and the acceptance or rejection of the statements made will not change the Laws nor affect the author. 

Richard Ingalese
New York City, October ist, 1902.




I Occultism : Its Past, Present and Future 1 1

II Divine Mind : Its Nature and Manifestation 31

III Dual Mind and Its Origin . . 52

IV The Art of Self-Control . . .78

V The Law of Re-embodiment . . 100

VI Colors of Thought Vibration . .120

VII Meditation, Creation and Concentration 144

VIII Lesser Occult or Psychic Forces and their

Dangers . . . .168

IX Hypnotism and How to Guard Against It 189

X Higher Occult or Spiritual Forces and their

Uses .... 219

XI The Cause and Cure of Disease . . 239

XII The Law of Opulence . . .259

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