Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Vampire in Transformation By Hagur, the Grand Hierophant

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The psychic vampire is directly associated with practical metaphysics or occultism (esotericism) which is developed in the subconscious. The vampire who is obviously a magickian will always move forward in improving him or herself; and, the transformation over time will duly change the course and mode of state of being in power and psychic continuation. Vampirism is a concept which begins in the subconscious; and, is the power which hungers, that which seeks to consume all. It has, in fact, no concern for rules, neither for metaphysical laws. It may be said that it is the essence of the law of the talon (prey). Vampirism is predatory, the instinctual way of life of devouring and absorbing energy of humans, animals and nature around.


  1. Hagur is a Grand Hierophant of the Senatorius Sacerdos Harpyiae Order. While I do not personally share some of these ONA influenced views, there is no doubt Hagur is very knowledgable re the esoteric and his investigations into the outermost and dark realms of the Order, which require considerable bravery and dedication.

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