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Developing Mental Power (1922) By George Malcolm Stratton

Every teacher requires a working knowledge of the fundamental nature of the human mind. Without it teaching cannot be made either an interesting or a creative occupation. When psychologically uninformed, the teacher can operate
on the mind of youth only in a formal and mechanical way, applying traditional and contemporaneous methods of procedure without much ability to adapt technique to conditions for the purpose of gaining predictable results.

Certainly the teacher who would make his teaching life an interesting and effective adventure with youth will wish to possess whatever scientific insight is necessary to an artful stimulation and control of growing minds. We recog-
nize the field of human psychology as vast. At bestits mastery isa patient and difficult matter. The important thing is to make a correct beginning. It will be highly economical of energy and discouragement. The waste of wrong views and partial views can hardly be overestimated. And such waste is largely avoidable if only the first general view of the nature of mind is accurately
acquired. Fundamental truths gained and held in a comprehensive way will be a continuing source of critical and constructive suggestion, a constant safeguard against error, a persisting guide to the accurate interpretation of new facts
and theories of mind prolifically offered in an age deeply interested psychological truth.


Editor's Introduction vii

I. Is the Mind a Gymnasium or a Tool-Chest? i

H. Defects in the Rival Accounts 7

III. The Interplay of Mind and Body 18

IV. Influences within Intelligence 24
V. Emotion and Mental Energy 29

VI. The Organization of Impulses and Will 36

VII. The Care of the Emotions 43

VIII. Instincts Wild and Tame 50

IX. Exercises for the Will 56

X. Establishing Government in the Mind 66

Outline 73

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